Enhance your landscape with these majestic stones.  We carry a wide range of rockey including armour stone, moss rocks and flagstone.  Ideal for retaining walls, ponds & water features as well as many other applications.


At Burlington Garden Supplies we carry a wide variety of  the highest quality soils. Our soils are tested regularly and are free of any chemicals or pesticides. All of our soil products are screened and pulverized, except our manure.


We carry a great selection of mulches and woodchips.  Mulches are great for keeping moisture in, the weeds down and also make a great looking ground cover.  With over four different varieties we are sure to have the right mulch to suit your needs.


We carry a wide range of aggregates for both decorative and practical purposes.  Aggregates are excellent for use as a drainage material for foundations, french drains, septic drain fields, retaining wall drains, and road side drains.  We also carry decorative aggregates that look great around your pond.  Ask about our Algonquin Pebble today

Additional Products Available

Grass Seed

Seasoned-Hardwood Firewood


Bin Rentals

Landscaper Grade Filter Colth